Emma O'Neil

First Impressions

Emma O´Neil opens her site by asking if you like big boobs on a real teen and I can´t help but shout out ?Yes!? Who doesn´t like that? She gives us a sexy welcome video where she´s posing in a tight pink top and her breasts do indeed look quite large. I´m impressed with the preview pictures she shows off as well but more than anything I love how big her boobies look and how slim the rest of her body is. You think at first that she might be kind of chubby but this girl is actually quite skinny. The big breasts are the centerpiece of the site and I´m already excited.

Hot Promises

Obviously the most important thing Emma O´Neil promises her members is her big breasts. It´s all about the large boobies and they are quite wondrous looking. They´re 32G cups, all natural and riding high on her chest. Her photos are said to be high resolution and her movies high definition. All the content is exclusive and it looks like she´s quite the entertainer, at least based on the sexy video previews. Visit the tour if you want to get a taste of the action and read the rest of the review to see how the member´s area turns out.


She keeps it simple on the inside, a surefire sign that the site isn´t run by some mega conglomerate. It gives it more of an amateur feel and when it comes to appreciating a young and beautiful girl with big boobs that´s a good thing. Emma welcomes you to the member´s area with a very short note and a link to her most recent update. It´s unclear how often she updates because none of the content is dated. I find that a little worrisome but the site is awfully new so it wouldn´t be possible for them to have stopped updating already.

There are 21 picture galleries to browse and they are very well organized and easy to use. She lists eight per page with a nice preview thumbnail and a short title to help you choose. Blue With Corset features Emma the sexy teen model in a blue top with a corset underneath, as the name suggests. When you get into the actual gallery you can choose between a medium or full sized picture but the medium is really just a slightly enlarged thumbnail. Thankfully the full sized picture is 1930px just as she promised on the tour. They look really, really good but I can see where they might be too large for some people. Thankfully there´s a downloadable zip file for each gallery.

Emma O´Neil is a very pretty young babe with a body that you´ll most certainly appreciate seeing naked. She loves to take her clothes off to model those titties and that sexy tummy and she´s always smiling, which is a great trait for a young model to have. Her breasts are very large and all natural and she does show them off totally nude in the picture galleries and videos. She gropes them a lot too and seeing those soft hands feel up her knockers never fails to arouse. It´s hard not to imagine being the one that gets to grope her. I´ll bet those sexy teen tits would feel amazing in your hands.

Emma has been really smart about giving you tons of variety on her site. If she was dressing like a cute teen in every gallery it would be fun but it would also get really boring. Thankfully she mixes it up impressively. She´ll do a little bit of everything for her fans and I know you´re going to appreciate it. My favorite outfit is the one she did for Christmas. It´s the most adorable little skirt and top with a hood and it looks feminine and sexy and it makes me want to tear her clothes off and take her right there on the floor. The red stockings she paired with it are sexy too.

Her take on the classic schoolgirl look is a good one too. She goes with the red plaid skirt, the white blouse tied up under her tits, the sexy little tie and the Mary Janes. She´s also wearing a white bra that makes her tits look even perkier than usual and of course she takes them out for us during the striptease. She does a wet t-shirt gallery where she climbs into the shower and sprays her tits with water until the cotton is sticking to her. In the gallery she calls Kinky Kitty she´s wearing a latex kitty teddy with pink ruffled trim. She has a beautiful pink baby doll that she wears to look truly amazing. There are a few simple galleries where she´s just posing in a bra and panty set and those are super hot too. The girl has it all and does it all and looks so good in the process.

The videos are 720p as promised (which means a 1280x720 resolution) and the entertainment is impressive. I was worried that maybe they would just be filmed versions of her photo shoots but when the video camera is turned on Emma is focusing on you and not a photographer. She´s going to entertain you with her sexy body and the movements are highly arousing. She loves to shake her boobs, grope her boobs, play with her nipples and more. She loves to drive us to great lust with her sexy frame and she´s flashing her huge knockers in every single downloadable scene.

The outfits from the picture galleries are generally repeated in the videos with a few left out. It makes good sense ? she can produce twice the content without spending a whole bunch more on clothing, etc. Plus, when you see her doing a schoolgirl striptease in the photo set you´re going to want to see it on video to catch the sway of her hips, etc. The friends section features two galleries where Emma poses with a curvy girl and that´s it. There´s also a forum where nobody is posting, including Emma. I hope that picks up soon because it would be nice to have some personal contact with her. Right now it´s very distant.

Croco´s Opinion

Emma O´Neil is a beautiful teen model with 32G tits that will blow your mind. They are so freaking big it´s astounding and she loves to flash them whenever she gets a chance. She has great taste in outfits and brings out an impressive variety in her picture galleries and videos. All the content is high quality (including HD videos) and at the moment there are 21 galleries and 16 videos. It´s not clear how often the site is updated but based on when it launched it seems to be once a week. It´s not a great value at the moment (April 2009) simply because of the small content selection but if the site keeps updating it´s only going to get bigger and better. Plus, there are very few girls as beautiful and physically gifted as Emma running around so you might want to give her some of your time because of that.


The site is exceptionally easy to use.

Pricing Policy

It´s $24.95 for the first 30 days and $19.95 every 30 days after that.

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